Identification and Report of Parasites Trematoda and Acanthocephala Found in Fulica americana from Oconto, Wisconsin

Regan Borowski Biology

Anindo Choudhury Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Presentation Time: April 29

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This project focuses on the morphological and molecular characterization of two parasites, a thorny-headed worm (Acanthocephala) and an intestinal trematode fluke (Neoleucochloridium) from the American Coot, Fulica americana, from Oconto, Wisconsin. The bird was necropsied, parasites were extracted and fixed for morphology and DNA sequence analysis. Techniques used included: DNA extraction, amplification of target genes (28S rRNA gene), staining to prepare whole mounts and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM). The acanthocephalan species was identified as Polymorphus trochus and single trematode was identified as Neoleucochloridium. This is the first DNA sequence data for Neoleucochloridium.

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