The French Refugee Reception Crisis

Abigail Hejmanowski Political Science, International Studies, Pre-Law

Tom Conner Professor of Modern Languages (French)


In this presentation, I will address the causes and effects of the refugee reception crisis in France in the hopes of better understanding refugee reception and integration for a future project which will be more in-depth and comprehensive. Specifically, I will analyze the plight of Syrian refugees in France. Due to the gradual nature of the Syrian refugee crisis which has been developing for a decade or more, there has not been a lot of empirical research on its causes or implications, which is surprising given its political and media salience. The research that has already been conducted has mostly focused on public perceptions of the refugees and their experiences at the various stages of the refugee application process and integration into society if accepted; I would like to take a more empirical approach concerning the economic and political impact of the Syrian refugees in France. I plan to examine some general trends such as the impact of terrorism on refugees, the impact of refugees on the political climate, and a brief evolution and analysis of French refugee policy. I will provide a comprehensive compilation of data and trends pertaining to the experiences of refugees, their impact on communities, and why French refugee policy is what it is.

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