St. Norbert College The Forum 2023

Undergraduate Research Forum St. Norbert College

The Undergraduate Research Forum highlights the valued tradition at St. Norbert College of collaboration taking place in laboratories, studios, and other scholarly or creative settings between our students and our faculty and staff, resulting in a rich array of scholarly research and creative work. This celebration features projects that evolved out of independent studies, directed research, class assignments, and casual interactions as well as formal collaborations supported by internal and external grant funding.

Poster Presentation Time: April 28, 9:00am – 1:50pm

Live Talks: April 28, 1:00pm – 1:50pm


Student Name(s)Poster Title
Elaine SchumacherCharacterization of Stem Cell Regeneration in Schmidtea Mediterranea 
Lauren ChiappettaEffects of Organization Type and Roe v. Wade Statement on Gender Diversity 
Morgan Fimreite and Harrison WilliamsPhysiological Effects of Artificial Light At Night on Two Cavity-Nesting Passerines 
Paris RiggleExpression and Dynamics of Planarian RPE-spondin Following Injury and Tissue Loss 
Kevin SchillSynthesis of Methacrylonitrile and Deuteriated Isotopologues of Thiophene and Furan 
Abigail GenalDetermining the Role of Temperature on vgrG Promoter Expression in Burkholderia Cepacia 
Reagan Engels and Crystal SchusterThe Relationship Between Procrastination and Mental Health 
Brenna CislerCanine Perception of Human Effort and Exerted Persistence Thereafter 
Lilia Shallow, Samantha Pardini, and Collin SylvainExploration of Wisconsin Endophytic Species in Search of New Natural Product Antibiotic Scaffolds
Carlos HerradaKinetic Modeling of Dopamine Transport Protein Inhibition by Indole Based Modafinil Analogs Using Rotating Disk Voltammetry 
Kaitlin FoleyVisual Communication in Politics
Lexie MatteT6SS Effector and Immunity Pairs: Contributions to Burkholderia Cepacia Virulence
Melanie NielsenExploring the Effects of β-N-methylamino-L-alanine on Schmidtea Mediteranea’s GluN1/GluN2A NMDA Receptor 
Andrew GaetanoOptimized and Shortened Planarian In Situ Hybridization 
Elizabeth AllenMonitoring Ecosystem Health of Kelly Creek, South Beloit, IL, USA, During Restoration
Kyle Ruhland and Cordell UmlandInvestigating the Flow Behavior in a Radial Gate/Crump Weir System
Lindsey RoloffA Comparison of Institutional Legitimacy Among Undergraduate Students 
Kaitlyn KulickEffects of Writing about Egalitarianism on Perceptions of a Company’s Diversity
Kylie Bennett and Elizabeth HeilSecondary Derivations And The Universal Property
Benjamin Stafford and Benjamin SpaudeAn Investigation Into the Effects on Fluid Toss Geometry Over the Spillway & Ski-Jump Weir
Isaac Leiterman and Jonah KoleskeHydraulic Jumps in Laterally Constricted Open-Channel Flows
Crimson Groh and Emily JerovetzAnalysis of Free Surface Shape and Toss Width with a Broad-Crested Weir
Emily Landolt and Lexie MatteCharacterizing the Role of the B. cepacia T6SS in Interbacterial Competition
Sebastian NoskowiakFlavobacterium Columnare Cyclase Knockout Displays Promising Results for Vaccine Development Against Columnaris Disease 
Madilyn Kolarik and Emily CorriganDiscovery of Three New Species of Notoparamys (Rodentia; Ischyromyidae), Early Eocene Rodents from the Willwood Formation, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming 
Antonio ReguilonA Low-Cost Confocal Microscope
Robert Cicciarelli and Alexia BallardThe Impact of Social Organizations on Campus
Student NameLive Talk
Jack KlahrLPS as a Virulence Factor of Burkholderia Cepacia During Plant and Human Infection
Andrew GaetanoOptimized and Shortened Planarian In Situ Hybridization

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