St. Norbert College The Forum 2022

Undergraduate Research Forum St. Norbert College

Poster Presentation Time: April 28, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Live Talks: April 29, 1:00pm – 4:00pm


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The Undergraduate Research Forum highlights the valued tradition at St. Norbert College of collaboration taking place in laboratories, studios, and other scholarly or creative settings between our students and our faculty and staff, resulting in a rich array of scholarly research and creative work. This celebration features projects that evolved out of independent studies, directed research, class assignments, and casual interactions as well as formal collaborations supported by internal and external grant funding.


Student NameWork Title
Lexie AndersonDo You Have to Nourish to Flourish?
Nyah AndersonStructure Comparison of the Photochemical Properties of Keto-phenolates
Maximus BernerDeveloping a Recommender System
Samantha BlumGendering the Band
Kendall BowersA Case for Liberal Arts College Education in Prison: Policy Proposal
Olivia BruniGenetic Analysis of Elephant Species in Guinea Conakry
Rose CapekBioacoustics Analysis of Florida Scrub Jays
Frida ChavezExploring Schmidtea Mediterranea as a Model System to Study the Effects of Beta-methylamino-L-alanine on the Nervous System
Emily CorriganThe COVID-19 Pandemic and the Effects on Sexual Behaviors
Sara DeGrootClassifying Prime Character Degree Graphs
Hope DupplerExploring the Association Between Goal Difficulty and Well-Being
Kylie EaringGenuine and Narcissistic Altruism are Differentially Related to Anger, Shame, and Joy Related Dispositions
Logan ElkinDNA Barcoding for Molecular Prospecting of Platyhelminthes
Renata FoerstelChemical Ablation of Stem Cells
Molly FreyeUnderstanding Cultural Dynamics and Mission Influence on Gender-Based Violence on College Campuses
Andrew GaetanoFunctional Analysis of Protonephridia Genes Identified by Drop-Seq
Cole HankeGut Microbiota of Zebra Finch
Olivia HansonNew Methods of Non-Invasive Mark and Recapture Techniques Using IR Camera Traps
Ethan HessIdentification of Soil Bacteria by 16S Sequencing
Julia JohnsonSituating Views of Learning, Achievement, and Assessment Within Higher Education: The Impact Of Collective Epistemology
Megan KeyserCharter Establishing the Abbey of St. Martin of Laon in 1124 AD
Jack KlahrSelf-esteem and Feelings of Guilt and Shame in Undergraduate College Students
Liz MaastrichtGenetic Analysis of Protonephridia
Meredith MankeTech Bar Studio: Enhancing Creativity
Halle MartinCharter Establishing the Abbey of St. Martin of Laon In 1124 AD
Lexi MattevgrG Gene as a Virulence Factor in Burkholderia Cepacia
Emily MazierA Taxonomic Revision and Characterization of Sciuravus Nitidus and S. Undans, Early to Middle Eocene Rodents From the Bridger Formation; Green River Basin, Wyoming
Catherine NelsonNature in Perspective
Emma O’NeillAntimicrobial Effects of Compounds Used in Cleaning Wipes
Olivia PeplinskiThe Characterization of the thiG Gene of Burkholderia Cepacia as a FAD Oxidoreductase in Metabolism
Ryan PogodzinksiGenetic Characterization and DNA Barcoding of the Zoonotic Human Parasite Gnathostoma
Chelsea PuetzSelf-Esteem and feelings of Guilt and Shame in Undergraduate College Students
Paris RiggleTime and Existence: Poetic Reading
Elaine SchumacherRegeneration of Specific Cell Types
Crystal SchusterMeet the Family
Lilia ShallowDeveloping a Method to Explore Bacterial Phosphorylation in the Search For a New Antibiotic Target
Benjamin SpaudeLaser Optimization
Maddie ThorstadInterspecies Tissue Transplants in Planarians
Sirina TylerAge in Relation to Diversity
Erin Van BerkelUsing Bioinformatics and Next-Generation Sequencing Technology to Study Chronic Wasting Disease in White-Tailed Deer
David VogelPaleoclimate of Inland Dunes: Linking OSL Dates to Dune
Activation and Climate Change
Kallan WildeAnalysis of Land Use in Rockbridge County, VA, from Pre-colonial times to Current Day and Consequences for Riparian Ecosystems
Sloan WunderDisturbance Promotes Aquatic Macro invertebrate Diversity In the Abbey Pond, De Pere, WI

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