Hydraulic Jumps in Laterally Constricted Open-Channel Flows

Jonah Koleske Mathematics, Psychology
Isaac Leiterman Geology, Mathematics

Terry Jo Leiterman Professor of Mathematics


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The Venturi Device, studied by Giovani Battista Venturi in the late 19th-century, is a constriction weir that decreases the outflow fluid height compared to the inflow fluid height as well as increasing flow velocity. Through an experiment designed in the SNC Fluid Mechanics lab using an open channel flume, we obtained quantitative measurements of various flow characteristics including discharge heights and flow velocities. These variables are then used to determine the slope of the hydraulic jump through the constricted channel as well as the Froude number, a classification of flow behavior through a specific measurement of the ratio of inertial and gravitational forces. This study aims to answer the impact the Froude number has on the average slope of the hydraulic jump as it passes through the Venturi Device. We hypothesize that as the inflow Froude number is increased, the slope of the hydraulic jump will increase. ​

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