Synthesis of Methacrylonitrile and Deuteriated Isotopologues of Thiophene and Furan

Kevin Schill Chemistry, Spanish

Robert McMahon Professor of Chemistry


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Methacrylonitrile is an organic molecule that is believed to be present in the interstellar medium (ISM). Rotational spectra have been measured previously by the McMahon | Woods lab. In this project Methacrylonitrile was synthesized to extend the measured rotational spectra of the molecule from 360-500 GHz. Using this new mm-wave data, Methacrylonitrile will be searched for the ISM, and a highly precise and accurate semi-experimental equilibrium structure (reSE) will be determined for the molecule.
Isotopically substituted analogs of furan and thiophene, two heterocycles, were also synthesized in this project. The deuteriated isotopologues of furan will be analyzed by rotational spectroscopy and used in the determination of an reSE structure for furan. Deuteriated isotopologues of thiophene will be used in formylation reactions and then analyzed by rotational spectroscopy for the creation of a complete reSE structure of 2-formylthiophene.

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